Jaarbeurs, Utrecht | 8 - 10 February 2022

GEVEL 2022

Trade fair for design & engineering of building facades.

With a visit to GEVEL your facade knowledge is completely brushed up again. You will get a good dose of ideas and insights and leave the event inspired.

Don’t forget to bring your ideas to Utrecht… it could just be the start of something new.

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Take new steps towards the future

The theme INCEPTION translates into a special atmosphere on the trade show floor: with attention to the scale of the city ánd the smallest detail. With exploded views, unexpected perspectives and the world turned upside down. What do you dream for the future? What do you see when you walk through a city? Is your design just a dream or achievable? Take a look at the world inside out or upside down: we will take on this challenge with you during GEVEL 2022!


With the sub-themes TECH, NATURE, ART&HISTORY, FUTURE we tackle current and practical topics.

TECH stands for developments in the field of 3D design and printing, BIM, materials passport, prefabrication, digitization and automation.
NATURE provides information about biobased/renewable materials, biodiversity, health in buildings, the role of the user, low-tech and no-tech solutions.
ART&HISTORY examines the character and narrative of (facade) designs, tactility and ornament, craftsmanship and the urban context of designs.
FUTURE looks at data-driven and parametric design, the circular economy and construction industry, the adaptability of facades and buildings in the future.

Take your time for GEVEL 2022: meet enthusiastic colleagues, take colleagues and clients with you! There is plenty to see, hear and experience – the first chance in 2022 to once again fully enjoy your own field.


As with the previous edition, three architectural firms have been invited as ambassadors to each give substance to the lecture program in the Arena for one day.

8 February 2022


Meet UNStudio

9 February 2022

Toko Fuze

Meet Toko Fuze

10 February 2022

Vakwerk Architecten

Meet Vakwerk Architecten