Toko Fuze

Toko Fuze was founded in 2019 by Pieter Sprangers and Tom Bokkers. Our Toko is located between the Schieblock and Central Station in Rotterdam: from this location we keep an eye on the opportunities and possibilities of the city. The city is our domain.

This is where we live, work, understand the neighborhood and meet new people. We make complex assignments understandable and enjoyable. Our focus is always on the people: how do we keep the city accessible to everyone and create strong neighborhoods with identity and room for individuality?

Shaping, enabling and improving spaces for communities. Together.

Toko Fuze is socially involved, inventive and has an entrepreneurial attitude. In a time and a world with major transformations and transitions, solutions are not always easy. In our opinion, every solution starts with ourselves. We do not wait nor linger, but take initiative in places where the city is stagnating or processes are not running smoothly. As architects, we look at the space around us differently – we see opportunities where others don’t.

We do not work on the city on our own: ​​cooperation and participation are of paramount importance. Relationships based on confidentiality and trust play a major role. We stand for powerful concepts and stories that form the basis of every plan. Our ambition is to make the world a more beautiful, cleaner and more liveable place. We work on the city with a lot of energy and openness, to realize plans with shared values for all stakeholders.

Contact details

Toko Fuze
Delftsestraat 19c
3013 AD Rotterdam
The Netherlands


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