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4TU.Bouw represents the collaboration between the 4 Technical Universities in the Netherlands on the large topic of ‘The Built Environment’. The cooperation consists of the Department of the Built Environment at TU Eindhoven, the faculty of Engineering Technology at Twente University, the faculties of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Geosciences at TU Delft and Wageningen University & Research. The goal of the 4TU.Bouw initiative is to promote collaboration between the member faculties, industrial partners and government, in order to meet the grand challenges ahead.Built Environment is the biotope of the modern citizen, providing infrastructure for transport, defence against flooding, shelter, space for working, meeting and leisure activities, etc. The demands upon reliability, safety and comfort of these structures is continuously increasing. Meanwhile the Built Environment sector is confronted with enormous challenges like scarcity of resources, climate change, accelerated population growth and demographic changes. These challenges require joint strategies and collaboration between end-user, academia, the industry and governmental agencies, the so-called golden triangle. Therefore, in the context of the Dutch ‘Nationale Wetenschapsagenda’, 4TU.Bouw, with its partners, has identified the important, societal and scientifically relevant research themes: ‘De Toekomst Wordt Gebouwd’. These themes have been utilized as context for the 4TU.Bouw Lighthouse programme 2017: eight dedicated, fast track innovation projects have been started, all addressing aspects of the agenda. These projects should provide a proof of concept – or failure – of new technologies that will contribute to solid approaches and solutions to the challenges ahead, for all stakeholders. Next to this, a dedicated PDEng-training programme contributes to the future availability of well-trained specialists, meanwhile bridging the gap between academia and the market. 4TU.Bouw strives to respond rapidly to the ever faster changes, often emerging bottom-up, that new technologies bring about, by organizing workshops, brainstorms and training sessions with relevant stakeholders, and by forming dedicated consortia that act jointly. Only by such joint actions positive changes with respect to the urgent themes are expected to happen.


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